#5 – Billy Bragg – The Three Dimensions of Freedom


Billy Bragg – The Three Dimensions of Freedom

Billy Bragg’s music is heavily centred on bringing about change and involving the younger generation in activist causes . He is known to have said:

“I don’t mind being being labelled as a political songwriter. The thing that troubles me is being dismissed as a political songwriter.”

“Phil Collins might write a song about the homeless but if he doesn’t have the action to go with it he’s just exploiting that for a subject.”

Billy bought himself out of the British Army in 1981 for £175, cites his influences as The Clash, Bob Dylan, The Faces, The Small Faces & Simon & Garfunkel.

In 2018 Billy delivered a flagship speech at the Bank of England and he has recently released a new book entitled The Three Dimensions of Freedom.

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