David K Hurst on the Wicked Problems Podcast hosted by Toby Corballis of Story Positive

#21 David K Hurst: Lead Like a Gardener – An Ecological Approach to Wicked Problems


David K Hurst: Lead Like a Gardener – An Ecological Approach to Wicked Problems

David Hurst is a speaker, writer and management educator. He spent 25 years working in corporations at progressively more senior levels in several countries in a series of organizational “train wrecks”, as the Western World began its radical transition from the industrial era to the age of knowledge and information. He uses complexity science and compelling ecological analogies to convey highly innovative perspectives on leadership, resilience and the dynamics of organizations that promote creativity and learning.

For 10 years David was Executive Vice-President of a large North American industrial distributor. He holds an MBA (Finance) from the University of Chicago and a BA (Psychology). He teaches on the EMBA Digital Transformation Program at the DeGroote School of Business as well as three Masters-level programs at McGill University. He was on the Adjunct Faculty for the University of Regina’s Kenneth Levene Graduate School of Business, as well as the Center for Creative Leadership in Greensboro, North Carolina. He is also a Contributing Editor to Strategy+Business, where he writes articles and reviews books on management.

I hope you enjoy the show and if you have any comments or suggestions please write to me at: tc@wickedproblems.fm.



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